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  • 1. HowWe Christians can Change Ourselves and the World


    Who are Christians and how can we change ourselves, and the world?

    We Christians have repented of our sins and have turned from them, with the desire to make restoration by living new lives, which is the life of God through baptism.We are the people who have agreed to be disciples of Jesus Christ; this indicates that we do whatever Jesus Christ tells us, because we believe that Jesus Christ has paid the price for us and redeemed us from our sins.

    We Christians believe that it is only in doing the will of God that we can use the wisdom and knowledge that God has given to us. The Holy Spirit can control us, in order to have an impact on the lives of those people who are in the world.


    The world refers to all things created by God. It sometimes refers to those people who are doing things that are contrary to theWord of God (Bible).

    The world sometimes refers to darkness, meaning that the people in the world are in a dark life, since they do whatever they wish. The darkness includes sin and social injustices, which we experience in life. The people in the world are those people who disregard God’s
    Word and are following their own will or teachings. The world here may also apply to both non-Christians and Christians. Some Christians are also doing the same things as non-Christians, contrary to theWord of God. In some ways, there are no differences between our life and the life of non-Christians.

TOTAL : 252