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  • 1: How We Christians can Change Ourselves and the World

    1.1: The Bible

    As diagram 1.1 indicates, the Bible consists of two main matters - the past and the present. The past and present do not necessarily imply that one is out of date, but that the Bible is two books combined. These books are connected and they function together to fulfil one purpose. The purpose is to save the lives of God’s people. It is known that the Bible has two parts; however, they may not be separated and condemned, although it may appear that there are some discrepancies in some of the books of the Bible. All the details of the Bible are based on past events and experiences that are likely to lead to things in the future. This concerns the love that we as God’s children have for God in our present and future lives.

    The Bible is a holy book that is written about the Christian or believers’ religion. Holy means that something comes from God and is consecrated to the Lord’s service.

    This Bible consists of two main books: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is about the Hebrew people, their religion and social laws. In addition, it contains history and the writings of the prophets, as well as important Hebrew literature. The New Testament is concerned with Christianity, which contains within itself the Covenant between God and the Hebrew people, which was established through Moses on Mount Sinai.

    Christianity means the Christian religion, taught by Jesus Christ and His followers. This Christianity is about how we fear the Lord, obey Him and trust Him.

    In a nutshell, these two holy books, the Old Testament and New Testament, have become one Holy Book, as emphasised by the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord said, He did not come to condemn the Old Testament: He came to fulfil it.

    What concerns us most is the application of the Bible and our

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