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  • 1: How We Christians can Change Ourselves and the World

    judgement. God is always with His children, He always preserves us; He is our rock, shield and strength. It is only He who provides for us, pardons our sins and guides us. The fear of God does not necessarily mean that if we do not fear Him He will kill us. Fearing God has nothing to do with killing or destroying. It shows that God has all the power and authority, and His presence is everywhere at the same time. Thus, this fear of God is the exaltation of God, because He is omnipotent and omnipresent. In fact, fear of the Lord is humble obedience; it is this humble obedience that we lack. People think that if someone shows humility to them, then the person is stupid or there is something wrong with them. Therefore, they may try to take as much advantage of that person as possible, without realising that humility should be one of the characteristics of a human being, especially ours. We find it very hard to humble ourselves before the Lord, who created us and takes care of us despite all our sins.

    There are so many important things about fearing the Lord. The most outstanding things are that it gives strong confidence, and that we will have a place of refuge (Proverbs 14:26). It is a source of life, and a means of protecting us from death (Proverbs14:27), and it helps us to speak the truth (Matthew 10:27) that creates a real and improved relationship with God. In fact, our real relationship with God is the essential aspect of the Gospel. We really need to have such a relationship. It is through this relationship with God that we may succeed in our Gospel ambition. However, it is a very difficult task for us to accomplish, because it is something that deals with purity. God constantly wants us to be purified so that we can have real intimacy with Him. However, because of our lack of commitment and vision, nothing changes in our lives.


    Obedience is respecting God and doing His will. It is acting in obedience to the rules and orders of God. Surely, the Lord desires obedience from His people, just as all parents desire obedience from

TOTAL : 252