• 1: How We Christians can Change Ourselves and the World

    their children. Our Christian obedience to God and His work is the response to the call to be genuine Christians. Doing His will means doing what the Bible says. The Word of God says that to obey is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22). We cannot be Christians without doing His will.

    The Bible tells us that there are true Christians and false Christians. True Christians obey God and have a past and a present life. On the other hand, false Christians do not want to change: they are still the same as when they came to Christ. These Christians do not obey God, neither do they do His work; they think that their position in the Church or contribution to the Church, such as money and work, can make them true Christians.


    Trust is having confidence in God and His Word. It is a firm confidence that God exists and that His Word is true, even though we have not known God nor seen Him physically. Our trust in God means having the strength to keep on going. It is having confidence and not letting our hearts be troubled in hard times, hoping that the Lord will not let us down. It is hoping that some good thing will come out of a bad situation. Trust is being proud of being Christians, since we understand that we are blessed through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also depending on God in accordance with His doctrine, rather than depending on ourselves. We Christians should know that the Lord we worship is reliable and responsible for His Word. He is the God who will never forsake us, neither will He leave us, especially in times of trouble. We struggle, day in and day out, to cope with the world situation, because of lack of knowledge and deep understanding of the Bible and its message. We are all obliged to know about the Bible, to enable us to understand and know the God we worship. We believers are supposed to know our responsibilities and duties to the Lord. The clear understanding of the Bible will easily aid us personally to contribute to our spiritual growth and enable us to cope with the